Protection against Ab induces memory loss by tripeptide D-Arg-L-Glu-D-Arg

Mileusnic, R.; Lancashire, C.; Clark, J. and Rose, S. (2007). Protection against Ab induces memory loss by tripeptide D-Arg-L-Glu-D-Arg. In: Iqbal, I.; Wingblat, B. and Avila, J. eds. Alzheimer's Disease: New Advances. Medimond International Proceedings. Bologna, Italy: Medimond, pp. 435–438.



The diastomeric (D/L) form of acetylated tripeptide RER protects against A-beta induced memory loss for a passive avoidance task in young chicks and enhances retention for a weak version of the task when injected peripherally up to 12 hr prior to training. The tripeptide readilly crosses the blood-brain barrier, binds to membrane receptor sites in the brain and is whithout adverse effets on general behaviour. RER-related peptides may forma basis for a therapetic agent in the early stages of AD

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