A new framework for supply chain risk management through supply chain management capability

Gocer, Aysu; Yumurtaci, Isik Ozge; Yurt, Oznur and Baltacioglu, Tuncdan (2015). A new framework for supply chain risk management through supply chain management capability. Journal of Administrative Sciences-Yonetim Bilimleri Dergisi, 13(26) pp. 151–174.

URL: http://acikerisim.lib.comu.edu.tr:8080/xmlui/handl...


Supply chain risk management is considered as one of the most powerful competitive tools for the companies. Therefore, the concept has caught the attention of researchers especially in the recent years. However, supply chain risk management has not been examined in the literature by considering the maturity and capability levels of supply chain members. This study aims to address this gap and develops a new framework on supply chain risk management which focuses on different supply chain orientation levels of the supply chains members. The framework proposed in this study is named as “Supply Chain Management Capability Model”. This model is the first attempt to illustrate the required supply chain risk management capabilities of companies for different supply chain orientation levels. This model presents developing supply chain structures with increasing orientation levels, which also serve for Business to Business (B2B) and relationship marketing purposes. The results of this study show that supply chain members’ capability levels also vary in terms of sustainability dimension. The results of the study provide relevant findings both to guide practitioners and motivate researchers to conduct further studies in this area

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