A couple of cotyledons

Walker, Colin (2022). A couple of cotyledons. New Zealand Cactus & Succulent Journal, 75(1) pp. 10–14.


Cotyledon is a small but diverse genus of Crassulaceae. It currently includes 16 species of perennial shrubs with paired, opposite, stiff persistent leaves and relatively large tubular, pendulous orange-red flowers. It is extreme diverse, particularly in terms of stem and leaf form and arrangement. The genus is mainly African, just entering the southern Arabian Peninsula.
Cotyledon pendens is an obligate cliff-dwelling species, named for its pendulous habit. It is highly localised in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.
Cotyledon tomentosa is named for its tomentose or shortly hairy leaves. Plants are variable with erect to sprawling woody stems. It has a narrow distribution in the Western and Eastern Cape Provinces of South Africa.

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