Leading and managing online learning in schools during Covid-19 and beyond

Jewitt, Katharine; Baxter, Jacqueline and Floyd, Alan (2021). Leading and managing online learning in schools during Covid-19 and beyond. In: EDEN Annual Conference 2021, 21-24 Jun 2021, Online.


For educators, Covid-19 has been termed, ‘a quintessential adaptive and transformative challenge’, (OECD, 2020), the impact of which will be felt for a long time to come. It is clear that during lockdown, teachers have been creatively carrying out blended and online learning, but in an ad hoc manner, with little strategic or whole school strategic approach (OECD, 2020). In addition, disadvantaged students have engaged less readily, and, as a result, many have been out of education for over 6 months. What is clear from the limited research on innovations so far, is that some of these ‘stopgap’ responses have the potential to change schools’ delivery of teaching and learning, but only if what schools have learned is integrated into their strategic planning for the future; ensuring that this planning particularly focuses on provision for disadvantaged students. However, this is unlikely to occur unless, as highlighted by a number of organisations (for example the National Education Union, England), it is strategically led and coordinated by leaders at all levels within schools.

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