12 Principles of Social Design

Bailey, Jocelyn; Kasynska, Patrycja; Kimbell, Lucy and Nold, Christian (2021). 12 Principles of Social Design. In: Nordes 2021 Matters of Scale (Brandt, Eva; Markussen, Thomas; Berglund, Eeva; Julier, Guy and Linde, Per eds.), pp. 478–480.

URL: https://conference2021nordes.org/program/


The goal of this workshop is to facilitate a rich discussion of the field of social design, which is increasingly becoming a contested space. To support this, we have drafted ‘12 Principles of Social Design’, which we want to share with the NORDES community as a starting point for an open conversation about the goals of social design as an area of academic inquiry and a field of reflective practice. Our plan for the workshop is to have a discursive structure that allows us to dig deeper into the Principles and the issues that sit behind them. Participants will be invited to bring their own case studies to see how the Principles perform against practice. The workshop will thus be used to test the principles and improve them, to build and strengthen the connections between design researchers working in this area, and ultimately to influence the direction of social design.

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