QTMM2012c+: A Queryable Empirically- Grounded Resource of Dialogue with Argumentation

Amidei, Jacopo; Piwek, Paul and Stoyanchev, Svetlana (2021). QTMM2012c+: A Queryable Empirically- Grounded Resource of Dialogue with Argumentation. In: 5th Workshop on Advances in Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence, 29 Nov 2021, Online event.


This paper introduces QTMM2012c+, a resource which links relations between propositions (inference, conflict and rephrase) to dialogue act sequences. QTMM2012c+ builds on the MM2012c annotated corpus of BBC Moral Maze debates, extending it with new annotations – for speaker roles (chair, panellists and witnesses), speaker stances (neutral, pro and con) and locution chronological ordering – and making the information available in a queryable format. We show how the new resource allows for: i) automatic extraction of empirically-grounded dialogue rules which describe choice and frequency of dialogue acts with specific argumentative functions given the dialogue history, and ii) extraction of generation templates that reflect naturally-occurring argumentative locutions in empirically-grounded dialogue. QTMM2012c+ facilitates automatic analysis of argument transitions between speakers, extending previous manual analysis of the MM2012c corpus, enabling empirical tests of theories of argumentative dialogue.

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