Exploring Digital Equity in Online Learning Communities (Virtual Exchange)

Satar, Muge and Hauck, Mirjam (2021). Exploring Digital Equity in Online Learning Communities (Virtual Exchange). In: de Medeiros, Ana and Kelly, Debra eds. Language Debates - Theory and Reality in Language Learning, Teaching and Research. Language Acts and Worldmaking, 2. London: John Murray Press, pp. 270–290.

URL: https://www.johnmurraypress.co.uk/titles/various-1...


Virtual Exchange (VE) combines the deep impact of intercultural dialogue and exchange with the broad reach of digital technology and is increasingly espoused as an Internationalisation at Home (IaH)strategy for the many students who are not internationally mobile. However, the online communication spaces which usually form the backdrop for VE are not inherently equitable and learners’ varied levels of digital literacies, multimodal communicative competence, and
semiotic skills tend to influence, if not determine their VE experience. Here data from two exchange participants is used to illustrate the impact of a digital and semiotic skills gap on equitable online participation in learning communities such as VE.

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