Validity and Reliability within Qualitative Research for the Caring Sciences

Coleman, Phil (2022). Validity and Reliability within Qualitative Research for the Caring Sciences. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 14(3) pp. 2041–2045.

URL: http://www.internationaljournalofcaringsciences.or...


This paper identifies the considerable potential for well-designed, effectively implemented, and clearly described qualitative research to enhance understanding and service provision within the caring disciplines. Nevertheless, it also recognises the ever-present risk that bias presents when undertaking any investigation, not least a qualitative research study, and the need to ensure practitioners can have confidence in the results, conclusions, and recommendations of such work. Validity and reliability are defined from a qualitative research perspective and various techniques described which can be utilised to help ensure investigative rigour. As one of the most common qualitative data collection methods, the application of tools to promote validity and reliability in interviews is given particular emphasis. Finally, the article asserts that presenting a qualitative research study with a demonstrably robust design and implementation strategy contributes to the ongoing efforts to raise the status of qualitative research as a legitimate and important approach to developing the body of knowledge on which effective care practice should be founded.

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