Voices, morals and identity in 10-12 year olds’ conversational narratives

Maybin, Janet (2002). Voices, morals and identity in 10-12 year olds’ conversational narratives. In: Sanchez, M. and Blayer, I. eds. Storytelling: interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives. New York, USA: Peter Lang Publishing.

URL: http://www.peterlang.com/index.cfm?vID=65125&vLang...


This interdisciplinary collection of sixteen readings from the International Conference on Storytelling (1999), serves as a bridge between the academic and the non-academic world by incorporating essays from scholars as well as storytellers. Topics covered include education, ethnolinguistics, First Nations studies, folklore, linguistics, literature, psychology, and sociology.

Contents: Kay Stone: Stones on the Mountain: Crossing Borders into a Story - Brian W. Sturm: Lost in a Story: Modeling Storytelling and Storylistening - Corrado Federici: Tracking the limits of Interpretation: A Reading of the Novels of Umberto Eco - Elena De Costa: Voices of Conscience: The Power of Language in the Latin American Testimonio - Erika Behrisch: On the Trail of an Arctic Tale: Tracing Sir John Franklin in Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins's The Frozen Deep - Karen Seago: Constructing the Witch - Ernesto Virgulti: The Medieval Legend of the Eaten Heart - Allyson Wenzowski/Debi Keir-Nicholson: The Geist of the Grimms - Nila Friedberg: Rhyme as Reason: Conjunct Verbs in Ojibwe Storytelling - Janet Maybin: Voices, Morals, and Identity in the Conversational Narratives of Ten-to-Twelve-Years-Olds - Joan Swann: A Man Amongst Men: The Intersection of Verbal, Visual, and Vocal Elements in an Oral Narrative.

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