Regular maps on a given surface: A survey

Siran, Jozef (2006). Regular maps on a given surface: A survey. In: Thomas, R.; Klazar, M.; Kratochvil, J.; Loebl, M.; Matousek, J. and Valtr, P. eds. Topics in Discrete Mathematics. Algorithms and Combinatorics, 26 (26). Berlin: Springer, pp. 591–609.



About the book: The book offers the readers a collection of high quality papers in selected topics of Discrete Mathematics, to celebrate the 60th birthday of Professor Jarik Nešetril. Leading experts have contributed survey and research papers in the areas of Algebraic Combinatorics, Combinatorial Number Theory, Game theory, Ramsey Theory, Graphs and Hypergraphs, Homomorphisms, Graph Colorings and Graph Embeddings.

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