The new subversives - Czech environmentalists after 1989

Jehlicka, Petr (2001). The new subversives - Czech environmentalists after 1989. In: Flam, Helena ed. Pink, purple, green: women's, religious, environmental, and gay/lesbian movements in central Europe today. Boulder, USA: East European Monographs, pp. 81–94.



About the book: The social activism that has been so important in the West since the 1960s is also changing the face of Central Europe today. This book examines four major social movements -- women's, religious, environmental, and gay/lesbian -- that have recently surfaced in the region. The first section focuses on the women's movements in eastern Germany, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, showing that political engagement takes a variety of different, not necessarily integrated forms. Religious movements are then examined in Poland and eastern Germany -- major features of which include a massive exodus from Protestantism and religious demobilization. The third part discusses the increasing institutionalization and political clout of environmental movements in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland. An unprecedented final section examines various aspects of the gay/lesbian movements in eastern Germany, Poland, and Hungary, including their struggle to gain public acceptance and make legal and institutional headway.

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