A 'pariah in the world of art': Richter in Reverse Gear

Edwards, Stephen (2003). A 'pariah in the world of art': Richter in Reverse Gear. In: Green, D.; Lowry, J. and Campany, D. eds. Where is the Photograph? Brighton, UK: Photoforum, pp. 31–46.

URL: http://www.photo-forum.org.uk/html/publications.ht...


This book chapter draws on archival work, and posits a morphological link between 19th-century debates on photography and colour and some issues in post-conceptual art. I suggest that in the nineteenth century A.H. Wall and others developed an account of colouring on photographs that confirmed the photograph as a work of art on the condition that it became invisible. The essay traces the residues of this conception in the accounts of Gerhard Richter, John Baldassari and others.
A Spanish edition appeared in 2007

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