Executive Functioning in Children

Messer, D. J.; Moran, A. and Henry, L. A. (2020). Executive Functioning in Children. In: Hupp, S and Jewell, J. D. eds. The Encyclopedia of Child and Adolescent Development., Volume 3. New York: Wiley.


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he Encyclopedia of Child and Adolescent Development presents the major theories, key concepts, disorders, and evidence-based practices of the field. Covering infancy through adolescence and emerging adulthood, this important work outlines major areas of research and examines specific topics, ongoing controversies, and current work being done by leaders in the field. The first work on the topic of its scale, the Encyclopedia offers scholarly, authoritative information from an international team of experts that spans ten volumes.

The content of the encyclopedia is organized in two main parts—Child and Adolescent—and ten subparts. The first six volumes focus on topics of growth, behavior, cognition, emotion, family, and community in child development. The final four volumes explore the history, theory, and culture of adolescent development, biology and cognition, social contexts, and of the development of the self in adolescence and emerging adulthood. Each entry contains an accessible introduction to basic concepts as well as sophisticated debates in contentious areas and ongoing research on each topic.

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