Quasirandom group actions

Gill, Nick (2016). Quasirandom group actions. Forum of Mathematics, Sigma, 4, article no. e24.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/fms.2016.8


Let G be a finite group acting transitively on a set Ω. We study what it means for this action to be quasirandom, thereby generalizing Gowers’ study of quasirandomness in groups. We connect this notion of quasirandomness to an upper bound for the convolution of functions associated with the action of G on Ω. This convolution bound allows us to give sufficient conditions such that sets S ⊆ G and Δ12 ⊆ Ω contain elements S ∈ S, ω1 ∈ Δ1, ω2 ∈ Δ2 such that s(ω1)=ω2. Other consequences include an analogue of ‘the Gowers trick’ of Nikolov and Pyber for general group actions, a sum-product type theorem for large subsets of a finite field, as well as applications to expanders and to the study of the diameter and width of a finite simple group.

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