Autopsy Of An Island Currency

Nold, Christian; Aubret, Nathalie and Jaschko, Susanne (2014). Autopsy Of An Island Currency. Pixelache.



The book documents and reflects on a project that tried to create an experimental local currency for the small island of Suomenlinna near Helsinki . It describes the process that took place over the two-and-a-half-year duration of the project and looks at the particular challenges faced by the project, as well as the broader topics of participatory practices and money as a social and material medium. The book is aimed at practitioners who work at the intersection of art, research and social action. It should be particularly useful for people working on alternative money models and projects.

The book tells the story of the project through a series of vignettes that describe incidents that shaped the project, and give the reader an insight into the ambiguous dynamics of participatory processes. Each vignette is presented from the point of view of one or several project team members and focuses on their personal experiences . These vignettes are accompanied by related pictorial and textual artefacts that were produced during the project such as interview notes, newspaper articles, photos and money designs.

The second part of the book positions the project in a wider context of participatory art and alternative money projects . It contains a number of commissioned and republished essays that reflect on the social, political, economic and artistic context of the project .

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