LUVMI-X: A Versatile Platform for Resource Prospecting on the Moon

Losekamm, M.J.; Barber, S.; Biswas, J.; Chupin, T.; Evagora, A.; Fau, G.; Fodorcan, D.; Gancet, J.; Kubitza, S.; Madakashira, H.K.; Murray, N.; Neumann, J.; Poeschl, T.; Reganaz, M.; Richter, L.; Schroeder, S.; Schwanethal, J.; Sheridan, S.; Urbina, D.; Vogt, D. and Wessels, P. (2021). LUVMI-X: A Versatile Platform for Resource Prospecting on the Moon. In: Earth and Space 2021: Space Exploration, Utilization, Engineering, and Construction in Extreme Environments pp. 289–299.


Our current knowledge about the Moon's resource potential is limited to remote-sensing measurements and the analysis of Apollo-era samples. Even though there are persistent indications for substantial deposits of water and other volatiles-especially in the lunar polar regions-high-resolution mapping and in-situ measurements are required to assess the technical feasibility and economic viability of exploiting them. The LUVMI-X mission will use a 50-kg rover equipped with complementary instrumentation to prospect illuminated and shadowed areas in the Moon's polar regions through the use of laser spectroscopy, neutron spectroscopy, and direct sampling in combination with mass spectroscopy. It will also analyze the regolith composition and characterize the surface radiation environment.

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