Narratives of COVID: Loss, Dying, Death and Grief during COVID-19

Borgstrom, Erica and Mallon, Sharon eds. (2021). Narratives of COVID: Loss, Dying, Death and Grief during COVID-19. The Open University.


How have you experienced loss and grief during COVID-19? The Pandemic has brought losses, death, and changes to everyday life on a global scale. For many, fears that had previously been the stuff of nightmares, or tales they thought were confined to the history books, and science fiction horror films were becoming reality. We have all been altered by the events of the last two years. In this book, narrative responses in the form of essays, poems, and reflections from Open University students, staff, and alumni across the UK and beyond are brought together, to document a powerful reflection of the impact of COVID on individuals and wider society.

Although this started primarily as a way of collating narratives from across the UK and beyond, what has emerged is much more than just some words on a page in a book. This edited collection captures a moment in time, highlighting some of the many different experiences that arose from individual circumstances. The experiences shared here will resonate beyond The Open University and the UK. Collectively, it provides an important space for alternative voices and shared grief, while simultaneously allowing readers to process emotions related to the impact the pandemic has had on many.

This book is suitable for personal reading, teaching, and academic research.

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