Cardiff Commitment Continuing Professional Development programme: Project report

Iniesto, Francisco (2021). Cardiff Commitment Continuing Professional Development programme: Project report. The Open University.


The Cardiff Commitment CPD programme is a collaboration between Cardiff Council, Cardiff and Vale College and The Open University (OU). Initial contact with Cardiff Council’s Cardiff Schools Service (Cardiff Council) began with discussions around supporting teacher Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs through a co-designed teacher focussed workshop. The Global Covid19 Pandemic resulted in this collaboration being extensively redesigned to reflect the need for teaching staff to support their learners via a blended online distance learning model. Cardiff and Vale College also agreed to join the initiative. In collaboration with Cardiff Council and Cardiff and Vale College, the OU in Wales has developed and delivered a model consisting of agreed work streams that support teaching staff within schools and colleges in the online pivot and promote blended learning pathways.
The global Covid19 pandemic, coupled with the imminent new curriculum for Wales posed challenges and opportunities to develop skills and approaches to distance teaching and learning pedagogy. Many teaching staff have adapted well in their approach to blended learning during the circumstances imposed in the past year, whilst others are still finding their way. The OU has been an established provider of high-quality higher education through flexible distance learning for over 50 years and is excited to share experiences, whilst learning alongside peers within schools and the further education (FE) sector. This collaboration recognises the demand on teaching staff across the education sector has never been more challenging, with many schools adapting to ever-changing circumstances. The collaboration aims for aspects of this pilot programme to be flexible to take this into account and therefore co-design was core to the programme success. This collaboration intends to reflect the needs (both now and in the future) and support teaching staff in the online pivot.

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