Toward More Realistic Simulation and Prediction of Dust Storms on Mars

Newman, Claire; Bertrand, Tanguy; Battalio, Joseph; Day, Mackenzie; Juárez, Manuel De La Torre; Elrod, Meredith K.; Esposito, Francesca; Fenton, Lori; Gebhardt, Claus; Greybush, Steven J.; Guzewich, Scott D.; Kahanpää, Henrik; Kahre, Melinda; Karatekin, Özgür; Jackson, Brian; Lapotre, Mathieu; Lee, Christopher; Lewis, Stephen R.; Lorenz, Ralph D.; Martínez, Germán; Martin-Torres, Javier; Mischna, Michael A.; Montabone, Luca; Neakrase, Lynn; Pankine, Alexey; Pla-Garcia, Jorge; Read, Peter L.; Smith, Isaac B.; Smith, Michael D.; Soto, Alejandro; Spiga, Aymeric; Swann, Christy; Tamppari, Leslie; Temel, Orkun; Moreiras, Daniel Viudez; Wellington, Danika; Wolkenberg, Paulina; Wurm, Gerhard and Zorzano, María-Paz (2021). Toward More Realistic Simulation and Prediction of Dust Storms on Mars. Bulletin of the AAS, 53(4), article no. 278.



Global dust storms have major implications for the past and present climate, geologic history, habitability, and future exploration of Mars. Yet their mysterious origins mean we remain unable to realistically simulate or predict them. We identify four key Knowledge Gaps and make four Recommendations to make progress in the next decade.

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