Geological mapping of the Neruda Quadrangle (H13) of Mercury

Man, Ben; Rothery, David; Balme, Matthew; Conway, Susan and Wright, Jack (2020). Geological mapping of the Neruda Quadrangle (H13) of Mercury. In: Planetary Geologic Mappers 2020, LPI Contributions, article no. 7028.



With ESA-JAXA’s BepiColombo mission underway, it is imperative that a full set of comprehensive geological maps is produced prior to the arrival of the spacecraft, to provide context for BepiColombo’s studies. As part of a concerted effort by PLANMAP, Mercury is being mapped on a quadrangle basis. Here I present my mapping progress for the Neruda quadrangle (H13; 180–270°E, 22.5–65°S).

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