Kalanchoe beharensis. Crassulaceae: Kalanchooideae

Smith, G. F.; Figueiredo, E.; Walker, C. C. and Condy, Gillian (2021). Kalanchoe beharensis. Crassulaceae: Kalanchooideae. Flowering Plants of Africa, 67 pp. 50–59.

URL: https://www.nhbs.com/flowering-plants-of-africa-vo...


Kalanchoe beharensis is one of the largest species of the diverse genus, reaching a height of about 3 m, one of only a few that can be regarded as truly arborescent. The species is discussed in detail in terms of its history, taxonomy, relationships, distribution, habitat, variability and cultivation. It is described in full and illustrated with a water-colour painting and colour photos. This species is endemic to and fairly widespread in western, central and eastern Madagascar including Behara after which it is named. It has been introduced to several mild-climate parts of the world and is now widespread in cultivation.

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