Aloiampelos ciliaris var. ciliaris. Asphodelaceae: Alooideae

Smith, G. F.; Figueiredo, E.; Klopper, R. R.; Crouch, N. R.; Walker, C. C. and Condy, Gillian (2021). Aloiampelos ciliaris var. ciliaris. Asphodelaceae: Alooideae. Flowering Plants of Africa, 67 pp. 18–30.


Aloiampelos ciliaris is the type of a new genus of just seven species separated from Aloe in 2013 to accommodate the scrambling South African aloes. The history, taxonomy, distribution, ecology, cytology and cultivation of this species are all discussed in detail. This species is unique for Southern Africa in having a hexaploid chromosome count of 2n=42. The leaf structure is also distinctive with an amplexicaul base bearing conspicuous white cilia. It is endemic to the Eastern Cape Province.

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