AIED: raising awareness on risks of biases in sexism and discrimination

Rodrigo, Covadonga and Iniesto, Francisco (2021). AIED: raising awareness on risks of biases in sexism and discrimination. In Ubachs, George ed. The Envisioning Report for Empowering Universities EADTU, Maastricht.



AIED is definitely an innovative technology with a high disruptive potential, which carries significant risks for individuals. AIED systems learn from humans because they are programmed by humans. Therefore, there’s a good chance they’ll also adopt the biases–gender, racial and socio-economic discrimination that exist in society. Correcting the biases of technology and EdTech is essential to combat the gender gap and other risks of discrimination. Learning data must be well-curated, privacy and security must also be ambitiously addressed to comply with regulations and all levels of education should stimulate and empower women roles in technology, and specifically in AI and AIED software and algorithms development. Research should act as a call to build ethics while developing AI and AIED technologies.

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