Binomial word order and social status

Hegarty, P. J.; Mollin, S. and Foels, R. (2016). Binomial word order and social status. In: Giles, H. and Maass, A. eds. Advances in Intergroup Communication. Language as Social Action. Peter Lang Publishing, 119 - 135.



Advances in Intergroup Communication is a timely contribution to the field. It reflects developments in older, more established intergroup settings (e.g., gender, sexual orientation, organizations) whilst introducing newer studies such as the military and political parties. It also pays attention to emerging trends in new media and social networks and considers the developing field of neuroscience of communication. The volume brings together authors from different geographical areas (North America, Europe, and Australia) and from different disciplines (particularly communication, linguistics, and psychology). Contributions are organized around five themes, corresponding to the five sections of the book: defining features and constraints; tools of intergroup communication; social groups in their context; intergroup communication in organizations; and future directions.

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