Manufacturing, modeling, and experimental verification of slitted sound absorbers

Opiela, K. C.; Zielinski, T. G. and Attenborough, K. (2020). Manufacturing, modeling, and experimental verification of slitted sound absorbers. In: Proceedings of ISMA 2020 - International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering and USD 2020 - International Conference on Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics, 7-9 Sep 2020, Leuven; Belgium, pp. 409–420.



Designs with uniformly distributed slits normal or inclined to the incident surface exhibit a great potential because of their simplicity and good acoustical performance. However, production of materials of this sort is challenging as the required fabrication precision is very high. This paper deals with additive manufacturing, modeling, and impedance tube testing of a few slitted geometries and their variations, including cases where the dividing walls between slits are perforated. They were designed to be producible with current 3D printing technology and provide reliable measurements using standardized equipment. The normal incidence sound absorption curves predicted analytically and numerically were verified experimentally. It is observed that such simple configurations may lead to absorption properties comparable to porous acoustic treatments with more complex microstructure. The good agreement between the predictions and measurements supports the validity of the multi-scale modeling employed.

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