‘Troubling’ Music Education: Playing, (re)making and researching differently

Cooke, Carolyn (2021). ‘Troubling’ Music Education: Playing, (re)making and researching differently. In: Birmingham City University Centre for the study of Practice and Culture in Education, Apr 2021, Online hosted by BCU.


‘Trouble’ derives from the thirteenth-century French verb meaning to ‘stir up’, ‘to make cloudy’, ‘to disturb’ (Haraway 2016:1). To ‘trouble’ a disciplinary field in which the researcher is very familiar, and still practicing, raises significant challenges, asking questions not only of methodology and analytical approach but also of how to ‘open up’ and ‘re-see’ what is present through different forms of thinking, doing and making. In this presentation I will explore how posthumanism, and particularly the notion of ‘diffractive playing’ helped me to ‘trouble’ and make-differently. These processes of researching differently led to more ‘trouble’ than initially envisaged, troubling notions of; teacher, identity, materials, relationships and also notions of what researching is, how research is written and the tensions of this with the processes of completing a PhD.

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