Supply Chain Analytics and Modelling: Quantitative Tools and Applications

Tipi, Nicoleta (2021). Supply Chain Analytics and Modelling: Quantitative Tools and Applications. London: Kogan Page.



An incredible volume of data is generated at a very high speed within the supply chain. It is increasingly necessary to analyse, understand and effectively apply insights from this data using intelligent models, but practitioners and students in supply chain management face a number of challenges when dealing with mathematical modelling and analytics. Supply Chain Analytics and Modelling presents a range of business analytics models used within the supply chain to help readers develop their knowledge to overcome common hurdles.

This book defines business analytics and explores the roles of modelling and data in the supply chain. Cutting edge topics covered include visualisation techniques, regression models, forecasting, linear programming and facility location and vehicle routing problems. It provides readers with a step-by-step process to develop and analyse descriptive and predictive models in Excel, Minitab and with spreadsheets and explains how to develop performance measurement systems suitable for supply chain settings.

Online supporting resources include lecture slides and additional solved example files in Excel.

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