Halting plant extinction webinar (November 2020)

Walker, Colin (2021). Halting plant extinction webinar (November 2020). CactusWorld, 39(1) pp. 79–80.


Recent analysis by Humphreys et al (2020) showed that plant extinction is 500 times higher than it was over 200 years ago, so there is now a race against time to save plant biodiversity.
In order to explore and discuss the current extinction crisis in plant biodiversity, the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh and the Royal Society Edinburgh jointly hosted a webinar event on 26th November 2020.
This short note exams the issues in the context of three endangered alooid (Asphodelaceae) species.
Aloe bakeri is threatened by habitat destruction in Madagascar where it is on the verge of extinction, if not already extinct in the wild (EW).
The Madagascan endemic Aloestrela suzannae has been assessed as being Critically Endangered. (CE).
The South African Aloe lettyae is assessed as being a range restricted Endangered species, since the total number of individuals has been assessed at around just 10,800.

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