Usages, contre-usages: nouvelles cultures des formations virtuelles

Lamy, Marie-Noëlle (2006). Usages, contre-usages: nouvelles cultures des formations virtuelles. Education permanente, 169(4) pp. 79–88.


Based on a study of virtual language learning via real-time multimodal platforms, this article has a focus on usage in teleconferencing. In particular, the relationship between the structure of a particular platform (Lyceum) and the usage that is developed within it is examined. To do so, the author introduces the notion of affordance. Using four analytical dimensions derived from social semiotics, discourse, design, production and distribution of the artefact used for teleconferencing, the author presents examples of appropriation, some in line with the aims of the platform designers, others created by the users to counter what appear to be communicative failings of the platform.

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