Evaluation of Hackney Learning Trust's Reading Programmes

Hempel-Jorgensen, Amelia; Swann, Joan; Plowright-Pepper, Linda; Cremin, Teresa; Safford, Kimberly; Mittelmeier, Jenna and Canning, Natalie (2020). Evaluation of Hackney Learning Trust's Reading Programmes. The Open University, Milton Keynes.


The Open University were commissioned to evaluation Hackney Learning Trust's reading programmes: Destination Reader (for KS2) and Daily Supported Reading (for KS1). The reading programmes provide detailed pedagogies for teaching reading for schools in areas characterised by low social mobility and higher levels of poverty. Fifteen schools though south eastern England were included in the evaluation during the time period January 2018 - June 2019. The aim of the evaluation was to understand: the impact of the programmes on reading attainment and progress; teachers' knowledge and skills in teaching reading; children's reading skill, engagement and independent problem solving; changes in reading culture in the schools. The methodology consisted of in-depth case studies of 5 schools over 1.5 years; analysis of pupil reading test data; a pre-programme survey and a follow up survey 1.5 years later. The evaluation found that reading cultures in the schools were transformed to prioritise and value reading to a greater degree than before. Teachers felt more confident and knowledgeable about teaching reading and teachers and children were highly engaged with the programmes which were firmly embedded in all five case study schools. However, there was no evidence of a consistent increase in reading attainment across the 15 schools. Also, there was no evidence of an increase in children's enjoyment of reading or engagement with the new reading skills they learnt as part of the programmes. The former finding may be due to the short timeframe of the evaluation and the latter finding may be because children very quickly became fully engaged with the programmes.

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