Fano interferences in environment-enabled electron capture

Molle, Axel; Dubois, Alain; Gorfinkiel, Jimena; Cederbaum, Lorenz S. and Sisourat, Nicolas (2021). Fano interferences in environment-enabled electron capture. Physical Review A, 103(1), article no. 012808.



Interatomic Coulombic electron capture (ICEC) is an environment-assisted process in which a free electron can efficiently attach to a quantum system by transferring the excess energy of the electron capture to a neighbor ionizing it. Using the ab initio R-matrix method, we show that Fano profiles, resulting from interferences between the ICEC final states and resonant states, appear in the ICEC cross sections even at extremely large system-neighbor separations. We identify several types of resonant states depending on their decay pathways which may involve long-range electron and energy transfer. ICEC is a fundamental process and the interferences lead to substantial enhancement or decrease of the cross sections. The present investigation is therefore of general relevance in many contexts wherever electron capture in an environment takes place.

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