Tandem learning and intercultural competence

Stickler, Uschi and Lewis, Tim (2003). Tandem learning and intercultural competence. In: Lewis, Timothy and Walker, Lesley eds. Autonomous language learning in tandem. Sheffield, UK: Academy Electronic Publications, pp. 93–104.

URL: http://www.slf.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/etandem/guides-h...


The guiding principles of tamden learning in autonomy and reciprocity. Autonomy implies that learners take responsibility for their own (and in this case their partner's) learning. In other words tandem learning is an interpersonal partnership-based, form of learning, which allows for the unmediated exchange of cultural information, insights and attitudes.The examples in this paper are based on experience of tandem learning at the MLTC (Modern Languages Teaching Centre) of the University of Sheffield and to a lesser degree on a pilot project in email tandem learning at the Open University.

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