Measuring behaviour-based trust between negotiating agents

Grimsley, Micheal and Meehan, Anthony (2002). Measuring behaviour-based trust between negotiating agents. In: Cooperative Information Agents VI, 6th International Workshop, CIA 2002, 18-20 Sep 2002, Madrid, Spain.



We describe a metric to assess agent trustworthiness from the earliest stages of a dialogue between two web agents. There is no assumption of a transaction history between the agents nor is there a requirement for the agents to fully share the semantics of the set of alternatives over which negotiation occurs. The metric is designed to recognise a form of co-operative negotiation behaviour, so-called logrolling, which is known to induce trust between human negotiators. The metric requires an agent to be able to infer the issue priorities of the other party over a series of proposals and to correlate these with its own priorities. An example is used to illustrate how this may be achieved.

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