Mobiles and Collaboration, covering OU Live and OU Anywhere

Thomas, Rhodri (2014). Mobiles and Collaboration, covering OU Live and OU Anywhere. In: All Wales ALSD Conference 2014, 21-22 Jun 2014, Llandrindod Wells.


Mobile usage of the OU Learning Systems (on the VLE) has been available for some time via the mobile web, and lately through use of the OU Anywhere app as well. The session will cover the range of features available, and combined with the Collaborate app for OU Live, how this enables students to keep on top of their studies. Updated information on the range and extent of mobile usage by students (and tutors) will be explored, with some retrospective insight, an overview of the OU response and improved provision, along with the potential for future collaboration. Discussions will also cover the current status of mobiles as an alternative and enhancement to the desktop/laptop experience, and the impact that this is having. You are invited to bring along your own devices, and there may be some time for surgery-style questions in and around the sessions as needed.

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