Adobe Partner Summit Customer Presentation: The Open University

Thomas, Rhodri (2018). Adobe Partner Summit Customer Presentation: The Open University. In: Adobe Partner Summit 2018, 25 Apr 2018, London.


Presenting an invited session on The Open University adoption of Adobe Connect, to Adobe Partners and customers. Covering topics including: How Moodle and Virtual Classrooms underpin teaching & learning; Why choose Adobe Connect?; Challenges of implementing Adobe Connect and lessons learned; What success now looks like; What does the future of teaching and learning look like at the OU?

Rhodri Thomas is the Programme Manager for the Online Rooms Implementation at The Open University in the UK, working with Collab8 to transition to Adobe Connect and integrate closely from enterprise-scale Moodle VLE/LMS - to deliver online tutorials and events. He has been involved in educational technology with the OU for over 17 years, covering a number of real-time conferencing solutions, teaching and learning platforms. Rhod has a personal and professional aim to see how collaboration, cloud and mobile can converge to better enable students.

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