Online Rooms: Adobe Connect

Thomas, Rhodri and Gipson, Zoe (2018). Online Rooms: Adobe Connect. In: AL Staff Development Event series, 15-16 Jun 2018, Cardiff.


The Adobe Connect workshops are designed to give ALs a chance to ask questions about the technology and how best to use their rooms. Some topics we aim to cover are:
1. Where to find your online rooms: the student journey.
2. How to join a room, following the checklist.
3. Where to find (and edit) your recordings.
4. Top tips for online rooms:
a. Preparing for your tutorial
b. Audio setup
c. Installing the application
d. Layouts
e. Getting the most out of share pods
f. Breakout rooms
g. Leaving a room
Part of the workshop will be for you to get hands-on, there will be equipment in the session for you to explore online rooms and work through a particular query. You may also want to bring your own laptop or mobile device, especially if you have queries arising from your own experience or setup.

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