Menopause awareness and higher education - guidance

Brewis, Joanna (2020). Menopause awareness and higher education - guidance. Advance HE.



There are four very strong cases for HEIs to take menopause seriously as a workplace issue. The first is demographic. Advance HE (2019) equality statistics tell us women outnumber men in the UK HEI workforce by 54.4% to 45.6%. 25.4% of this workforce are women aged between 46 and 55. In other words, there are some 59,260 women in this age range working in our sector. Data for the UK in general suggest this group is likely to continue to grow: it is the fastest growing segment in the workforce and has been for several decades. HEIs therefore cannot afford to overlook the fact that a significant proportion of their staff are likely to be experiencing menopausal symptoms, with potential knock on effects for their working lives.

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