Chapter 7 - Procedures at Digital Crime Scenes

Kennedy, Ian and Day, Ed (2016). Chapter 7 - Procedures at Digital Crime Scenes. In: Bryant, Robin and Bryant, Sarah eds. Policing Digital Crime. Farnham, Surrey, UK: Ashgate, pp. 147–160.



This is a chapter from 'Policing Digital Crime' and covers the main procedures followed at a digital crime scene in both a UK and US context and includes reference to ISO/IEC 27037 and how it applies. Possible sources of digital evidence are discussed, along with managing suspects at the scene and other steps to preserve the evidence. An overview of the process of copying ('imaging') digital data is discussed, including non-volatile data, such as RAM (computer) memory. Coverage is also given to the collection of mobile phones at a crime scene, as is the legal powers to seize items.

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