TIDE Digital Strategy Report

Gregson, Jon; Pitt, Beck and Seal, Timothy (2020). TIDE Digital Strategy Report. Transformation by Innovation in Distance Education (TIDE), Milton Keynes.


Digital technologies are rapidly becoming widely available and used throughout Myanmar. Whether supporting personal or organisational use, or as integral to computer based systems that support efficient administration, and effective online teaching and learning, they can support the transformation of higher education in a range of ways.

Digital technologies can offer innovative solutions that support new models for design and delivery of quality education. At the same time, they can introduce new divides, between those who have access to technology and the skills to make effective use of it to support their education and those that don’t. These potential divides need to be taken into account in any digital strategy related to education so that approaches can be followed during a transition to full adoption of digital technology are inclusive.

This document, produced as part of the ‘Transformation by Innovation in Distance Education (TIDE)’ project is intended to inform TIDE project activities and also contribute to Higher Education strategy development and policy making, focusing in particular on the role of digital technologies in distance education, and the need for strategies that are inclusive . The six strategic recommendations discussed in the document are of short term relevance but could also contribute to longer term thinking and influence formulation of the second National Education Strategic Plan (NESP2, 2021-2030).

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