Youth and crime. 2nd edition

Muncie, John (2004). Youth and crime. 2nd edition. London, UK: Sage Publications Ltd.



· How and why have certain aspects of young people's behaviour come to be perceived as `anti-social' and 'criminal'?
· Are young people now more of a threat than ever before?
· How can we make sense of New Labour's youth justice reforms?
· Is the youth justice system soft on crime?
· Are young people more in need of protection than disciplinary punishment?
The Second Edition of this best-selling text provides a fully revised and up-to-date critical analysis of a wide range of issues surrounding young people, disorder and crime.
To develop a comprehensive criminology of youth the book deliberately moves beyond traditional criminological concerns and draws insights from other academic disciplines such as cultural studies, gender studies, media studies, social policy, social work, political science and human geography.
Now thoroughly updated, this second edition has been rewritten to include new material on anti-social behaviour, street crime, youth gangs, victimisation, social exclusion, drugs, surveillance, crime prevention, policing and restoration as well as a sustained critical analysis of New Labour's youth, social and criminal justice reforms as they have emerged over the past five years. To make sense of these developments theories of risk management, governance, globalisation and cultural criminology are introduced and assessed.
An original and accessible text, it provides invaluable support for further study by featuring key concepts, a glossary, summaries of the main arguments, study questions and guides to further reading.

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