Public Engagement Event BRIGHTLIGHT

McInally, Wendy (2017). Public Engagement Event BRIGHTLIGHT. Wendy McInally.


In November 2017, I was instrumental in leading the collaboration with Macmillan Cancer Support, Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, ENU School of Health and Social Care (Cancer Collaborative Theme) to deliver a highprofile public engagement event with an original performance inspired by the findings of the BRIGHTLIGHT research. This event was held over three nights at the famous Traverse Theatre in central Edinburgh. As an organiser for this event, I was able to invite the participants from my study to attend. Making contact through their CNSs (who were also invited) the study participants, along with the various CNSs, took part in the roundtable discussion immediately after the final performance. Afterwards, they informed me that that had found the performance emotional, believable and true-to-life and found great solace and comfort from being able to network with other YP with cancer and discuss shared experiences. As part of sharing the knowledge and understanding gained from the BRIGHTLIGHT research, critical policymakers from the Scottish Government, the NHS in Scotland and MSN, including the First Minister and Health Minister, were invited to attend and hear first-hand about the experiences of YP with cancer.

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