New literacy studies, ICTs and learning in higher education

Lea, Mary (2004). New literacy studies, ICTs and learning in higher education. In: Snyder, Ilana and Beavis, Catherine eds. Doing literacy online: teaching, learning and playing in an electronic world. New Jersey: Hampton Press.



The scale and speed at which online forms of communication have entered all aspects of our lives are unprecedented. Yet despite the extraordinary rate of uptake and increasing popularity of these new communication forms, we still have much to learn about them. Intended for a global audience, the essays in this volume provide an international perspective on persistent and emerging questions related to the use of online technologies for teaching and learning. The essays demonstrate that online literacy practices can be understood only when they are examined within their social, political, economic, cultural and historical contexts. In their diversity, and in their politics, in their focus on both the macro and the micro, in both global and local contexts, the essays will provoke readers to re-evaluate the landscape and ecology of online education.

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