Test review: Adaptive Intelligence Diagnosticum 3

Johnson, Charles; Horne, Jo; Keeley, Sean and Eyre, Charles (2020). Test review: Adaptive Intelligence Diagnosticum 3. British Psychological Society, Leicester.

URL: https://ptc.bps.org.uk/test-review/adaptive-intell...


The Adaptive Intelligence Diagnosticum 3 (AID 3) is the English language version of a cognitive ability test battery for children and adolescents measuring both basic and more complex cognitive operations. Originally developed in German, the AID 3 aims to provide a profile interpretation of abilities which can be used for such purposes as identifying (partial) performance weaknesses, specific development disorders or learning disabilities. This is in contrast to similar measures which tend to provide a global measure of IQ. The battery consists of 12 sub-tests, measuring 14 test characteristics and 5 add-on tests measuring 6 test characteristics. The tests are administered individually, one-to-one. There is also a supplemental sheet which provides a qualitative assessment of test taker’s attitude to work and working and contact behaviours. The English version is applicable for both UK children and adolescents (aged 6:0 – 15:11) and those being educated in English in German-speaking countries. The tests have been developed using item response theory (IRT) and 10 of the sub-tests and one of the add-on tests have adaptive test forms based on branched testing. The other tests use conventional (fixed item) item administration although 8 of the sub-tests can be administered using conventional administration. There are also short forms of 5 of the sub-tests and one add-on test and parallel forms of 8 of the sub-tests. The content and format of many of the sub-tests and add-on tests will be familiar to users of the WISC to which their development was partially thematically related. However, there are other sub-tests and add-on tests which are not related to the WISC and the battery has the added advantage that its adaptive administration allows for much quicker administration (which is approximately 40-75 minutes for the core sub-tests).

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