The promises and pitfalls of personalised eLearning

FitzGerald, Elizabeth (2020). The promises and pitfalls of personalised eLearning. In: Proceedings of The 11th International Conference on eLearning (eLearning-2020), 24-25 Sep 2020, Belgrade, Serbia, Belgrade Metropolitan University.



Personalised learning has been around for decades, and never really seems to diminish in its appeal. To educators, its attraction is obvious and logical: we all know that our students learn differently – at different times, different speeds, and respond differently to teaching materials and course resources. To learners, especially where they are part of a larger cohort of students and may become ‘lost’ in the crowd, having a personalised learning experience that is tailored to their individual needs and should help them to reach their specific goals, is very desirable.
However, the field of personalised learning is not without its challenges. In this talk, we examine what is meant by personalised eLearning, how it is enacted but also the problems inherent to this work. We consider pedagogical, technical and economic issues as well as considering the wider impact, not just on teachers and students but also at an institutional and even governmental level.

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