Gendered Bodies: Sexed Lives

Woodward, Kath (2020). Gendered Bodies: Sexed Lives. In: Richardson, Diane and Robinson, Victoria eds. Introducing Gender and Women's Studies (5th ed). London: Red Globe Press, pp. 128–143.



This chapter explores how minds, bodies, selves and social systems are closely enmeshed in social and cultural lives. Bodies are central to social and cultural processes as well as being the focus of the medical and natural sciences. Bodies change and are changed, for example in classifying sexed identities as well as providing limits and constraints to collective and individual projects. Bodies are also political and the extent to which the physical, anatomical body everyone has defines who they are is increasingly the subject of debate and contentious activism. This chapter uses sport as an empirical site of rethinking classificatory systems and redefining gendered selves.

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