Negative Capitalism: Cynicism in the Neoliberal Era

Taylor, J. D. (2013). Negative Capitalism: Cynicism in the Neoliberal Era. Winchester: Zero Books.



Thatcher's claim that 'There is No Alternative' to free-market capitalism has long rung hollow. Yet why is it that, despite the best efforts of protest movements, radical theorists and an increasingly liberal popular culture, when it comes to politics a consensus still reigns about the impossibility of change?
Written to provoke reflection and discussion, Negative Capitalism argues that cynicism is the key feeling of our era, and an effect of our collective disempowerment by the political establishment. Produced for an informed but not academic reader, the book charts the negation of democratic power in chapters covering debt, mental health, meaningless political languages, and popular cynicism. It also grounds its account of neoliberalism in political theory and history, focusing particularly on Thatcher's monetarism. It raises pertinent doubts about blind optimism, and concludes with a fiery, startling polemic.

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