Shaw, Samuel and Plumb, Christopher (2018). Zebra. Animal Series. London: Reaktion Books.


Common and exotic, glamorous and ferocious, sociable and sullen: zebras mean many things to many people. The extraordinary beauty of their striped coats makes them one of the world's most recognizable animals. They have been immortalized in paint by artists including George Stubbs and Lucian Freud, and zebra-print designs permeate contemporary society - on beanbags and bikinis, car seats and pencil cases. Zebras even have a road crossing named after them. But the zebra remains a mystery to most.
This book uncovers the natural and cultural history of this popular animal. It shows how the zebra's history engages intersects with diverse topics, including eighteenth-century humour, imperialism and camouflage technologies. Richly illustrated, the book offers a new way of thinking about a much-loved and misunderstood animal.

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