Circuits, Cycles, Configurations: an Interaction Model of Web Comics

Antonini, Alessio; Brooker, Sam and Benatti, Francesca (2020). Circuits, Cycles, Configurations: an Interaction Model of Web Comics. In: The 13th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, 3-6 Nov 2020, Bournemouth, UK.



We are accustomed to thinking about multimedia technologies as a coming-together: consider the convergence of still images and sound in film, for example. This approach, however, struggles to accommodate the slippery distinction between different components in a digital space. This paper approaches new technology as a perceptually-generated matrix holding discrete components in relation to one another. These temporary formation of interacting components facilitate a unique structure which is other than the sum of its component parts. It outlines the unique lifecycle of the webcomic, and its relationship with infrastructures both of feedback and distribution, through the systematic evaluation of the specific calibration of technology-based interaction found in the medium.

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