formuls: audiovisual performance at SPECTRA Festival, Malaysia

Dooley, James (2016). formuls: audiovisual performance at SPECTRA Festival, Malaysia. [Performance]



formuls is the audiovisual performance environment created by James Dooley. The improvised performance sculpts and layers primary sounds and visuals into a kaleidoscopic mesh of finely tuned noise, pulsating rhythms and responsive abstract visuals. Generative algorithms are manipulated by three touch interfaces and evolve the audiovisuals through time. Without the use of existing samples and presets, audiovisuals are crafted live with the formuls algo-synth. Sequenced, sliced, and manipulated in a variety of ways, the visualisations respond to the ever evolving timbral qualities of the synthesised sounds. The result: a slowly evolving performance, where new audiovisual environments continually emerge from previously heard material.

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