rive: splitting sound and light

Dooley, James (2017). rive: splitting sound and light. ZKM_Cube. Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany.

URL: https://zkm.de/en/event/2017/12/insonic2017-concer...


Exploring the synergy of sound and light, rive is a multi-channel, immersive audio-light performance. Sound and light can both be described as travelling in waves; different pitches and colours can be obtained by changing their frequency, with white noise and white light containing all pitches and colours, respectively. Using this parallel between white noise and white light, rive artistically explores this relationship through a process of splitting sound and light into their individual components and spatialising them around the performance space. Using a bespoke software FM synth created in Pure Data, an algorithmic composition is manipulated sonically exploring intense noise and finely tuned pulsating tones. Using audio-signal analysis, pitch and amplitude are mapped to the colour and brightness of lights placed next each loudspeaker. As noise is torn apart and shaped into pitched tones, white light is split revealing coruscating colours that fill the darkened performance space.

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